Why Do People Invest in Personal Training?

The reason why I wanted to delve into this topic of why people invest in personal training is because it is commonly misunderstood.  Until you have tried it, don’t assume you know what it is all about.   

I learnt my trade in New York City, Brooklyn, through training in a large box gym, a small boutique gym, park outdoor training, at people’s homes and in a group setting, amassing thousands of hours of varied experiences. 

I have trained a spectrum of clients from ages 14 to 74, male, female, unconditioned to very conditioned.  I have found that there are a huge host of drivers as to why people chose the personal training route.  However, there is one thing they all have in common and it’s the obvious one – it’s bespoke.  

Today there is a plethora of classes that meet the needs of any fitness fanatic to newbie, from cardio challenges to mobility feats.  However, these classes are one size fits all, they do what they advertise, but not all the programming will suit everybody’s fitness goals, abilities, and body limitations.   

Bespoke programming 

First and foremost, personal training is designed to improve the mobility, flexibility, posture, strength, agility, power and endurance of the client, all within their capabilities, whilst also aiding them to achieve their personal fitness goal.  If an exercise is out of range it will be regressed, and if it isn’t challenging enough, the exercise will be progressed.  This leaves the person with a greater sense of achievement, and overall progression is faster.

Overcoming injuries

No longer trusting the body is a big driver towards personal training.  When people suffer certain pain when movements are made they naturally tend to avoid those movements, which means no longer going for a run or bike rides, group exercise classes are cancelled and gym memberships not used for fear of further pain.  When working with a professional trainer, it is their job to instill confidence to revisit the movements, discover if it was bad form, tight muscles, or time to seek a specialist physician. Personal trainers often refer clients to physical therapists, chiropractors, GP’s if they feel something isn’t right. 

Learning how to strength train

Many clients appreciate the need to improve physical strength but are unaware of how to safely achieve this.  Personal trainers deploy the best and safest methodology to lift heavy objects and train safely, taking into consideration the requirement to train tendons and ligaments and prepare them for their role in assisting the lifting of heavier weights.  As every client’s movement mechanics differ, the right cues have to be given to safely achieve the desired outcome.  

No enjoyment found in exercising

Some people are told by their GP that they need to lose weight, exercise, get fit or reduce their cholesterol levels.  For many however, every form of exercise they have tried is no fun, or intimidating, or hurts.  This group of people seek guidance, and education about their bodies, how and why they should focus on certain exercises to improve and support  their bodies functional movements. I find that once they begin to gain a sense of achievement, and an understanding behind working out, enjoyment quickly follows, and opportunities to explore new forms of exercise opens up.  

No time to exercise

I have heard these words many times, no feasible time to workout, work is hectic, home life is draining, class schedules don’t suit, every workout has to count, and homework and being accountable to someone has to matter.  The best way to challenge these disruptors is to have a trainer  personalise a program that works to their schedule, and requirements helping them to achieve their individual goals more efficiently.

No Motivation

Everything around the “no motivation” client is more important than working out! The house needs cleaning, or an end of month report is due, cooking dinner from scratch is all more important, that will always take priority over a workout.  Having dedicated time every week to focus on health for some people is easier with an experienced friend, so the company of a professional fills that need.  Having someone to look out for your health, worrying about your fitness can be all that’s needed to get them to prioritise themselves, as they can’t let their trainer down!!  

There are many other reasons people start personal training, but the majority are classed into these aforementioned groups, plus one more.  The last group I wanted to mention are those that like to continually perform better, from lifting heavier, to running faster, jumping higher.  They have pushed themselves as far as they can, and now need guidance from a professional to help get them to the next level safely.  

Dispelling the myths and stereotypes around personal training is the aim of this blog.  People who take on a trainer aren’t always “already fit”, they aren’t all injured and they are not all lacking motivation.  The one thing they all have in common is the desire to progress safely at their own level with a person who is looking out for their needs, health, fitness and well being. It isn’t all jumping jacks and burpees that’s for sure!  

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