Chicago Marathon 2022

Reflections from the Chicago marathon 2022

Chicago was a long time coming, initially booked in 2019, finally completed 9th October 2022…I came, and I conquered. Personal Best and my last marathon in my 40’s!!  My training had been casual through 2020, 2021, I leaned more into triathlon, even into the first part of 2022, but there came a time when the mileage began to ramp up. I had to drop the cycling and swimming and focus on my run speed, as it had begun to wane from fatigue.  

The journey

The journey for every marathon is a learning curve, knowing when to push harder, knowing when to take a break, and learning how far you can, and should push your body.  Overcoming self doubt, and revisiting your “why”,  you are not only improving your fitness and performance, but your resilience and confidence.  

From my first marathon to Chicago, number 11,  each journey has been different, and therefore so have the lessons learnt from each, maybe this is why I keep coming back for more!

Chicago’s marathon journey has taught me 

  1.  I won’t crumble if I up my mileage sensibly 
  2. A structured 3x a week strength training program is invaluable 
  3. Pushing an aggressive pace in training to the point of failing, isn’t an actual fail
  4. Cross training is great to aid aerobic capacity, but to a point
  5. When you are a coach, it’s good to listen to what you tell others……all of the above 😂

I also asked for help, and two coaches guided my performance, Ben Kessel from Priority Fitness in Brooklyn, and Kev Best, Head of performance at The Stragglers Running Club.  Each helped on different parts of my journey, each equally useful.  You never stop learning.   

If you want any help with your race plans contact me, I would love to assist you on your journey.

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