Programs & Options For Your Personal Plan

Personalized programs are created for all clients, looking at all aspects of life to ensure they find success.
This means taking into consideration time restraints, past injuries, medical conditions, psychological  barriers, and support systems.
Wherever your current fitness stands, Liberty Personal Training will progress you to the next level.

Personal Training

Libby takes you through an assessment of your current fitness, flexibility, mobility, alignment and posture, nutrition habits and discusses short, medium and long term goals, if you have any. A program is then devised to get you to these goals using appropriate modalities and exercise selection. Our specialisations include pre and post natal/partum fitness as well as perfomance-based programs and everything in between.

Pre and Post Natal / Partum 

Libby is certified to train women who are pre or post natal, Being able to keep normality whilst pregnant and post pregnancy keeps mum happy.  A happy mum means a happy family.   Whilst pregnant exercises need to carefully consider the changing body, stretchy ligaments, loss of balance, confidence in what is safe, it is always nice to have a trained expert at hand to guide you.  Post  pregnancy regaining core strength safely is so important to ensure poor movement patterns cannot start and cause much large issues down the road.  

Performance / Event Program

Libby’s experience of racing, coaching and being coached puts her in the perfect position to program your exercises perfectly to prepare, manage and progress you to your event.

Nutrition Coaching & Weight Control

Libby uses your current weight, target weight, age, sex, height and activity level to calculate a calorie target for the day, with guidance to which macro-nutrient split would aid you to your target quicker and safely.  In addition, exercise programs are also crafted to complement the nutrition plan, and get you to your target weight. 

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is a blend of personal fitness training and physical therapy methods.  Libby follows a four step process involving self myofascial release (SMR), activation, and re educating the muscles to work in balance with one another.  As we age, or recover from an injury, our bodies pick up postural malalignments; corrective exercise helps to resolve these imbalances and allows you to move using the correct muscles, enabling fluid joint movement and the potential avoidance of nearly any joint or muscle pain.

Corrective exercise is perfect to reinforce your physical therapy treatment, and to continue the good work once the physical therapy treatment has concluded.

After an injury the body tends to become out of balance, with muscles suffering from atrophy, tendons and ligaments becoming stiff.  Libby works with corrective exercise methods to release the stiffness, stretch the effected muscle and isolate and strengthen the under-active muscle, then finally re-educating the whole body to work in a normal pattern.

The programs are designed to get you back to a normal movement pattern, then strengthen those inherently weak parts of the body that may have contributed to the injury in the first place.   

Libby finished her National Academy in Sport Medicine certification in 2018, and has been using, to great effect, the techniques learnt with all of her clients, with plenty of success stories.

Functional Movement

Functional movements are used for everyday existence; they have been commonly categorised as the hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, rotate, and walk.  Libby incorporates all these movements into her programs as they are designed to improve the body’s performance in everyday activities, as well as sport.  

This means a focus on moving in multi-planar directions, using multi-joint movements, placing demands on the body’s core musculature and stabilisation muscles that will not be targeted by sitting on a machine at the gym.